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NOVUS Tubular

At FIVE POINTS CLASSIC AUTO SHOCKS we can supply tubular style shock absorbers for vehicles manufactured from the fifties to the seventies. We specialize in domestic cars and trucks and offer the following types of shock absorbers:
  • Standard Grade (hydraulic)
  • Gas Charged
  • Coil Over
  • Load Leveller
  • Custom Applications


Chevrolet Corvair -- this car was not too well received in it's first years (thanks to Ralph Nader) but with changes in subsequent years it became a nicely handling vehicle.  All years can be improved by upgrading to gas-charged shocks.  We have them with correct top and bottom bushings.  Set of four $132.00.
Ford -- Five Points was started in 1968 to rebuild Ford Model A shocks.  We continue to do Model As but mostly Ford shocks from the late 30's and 40's.  This shock is a rotary style, very simple but efficient allowing external damping adjustment, used on many 30's, 40's and 50's racecars.  From '49 on the Ford cars and trucks used tubular shocks.  We can furnish the correct shocks for all Ford years and models including coil over and air adjustable units.

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